Car and Vehicle Paint Inspections


Paint Faults corrosion


Seam and Edge corrosion

The effect seen here is that of edge corrosion , paint has a tendency to flow off sharp edges of metal during application so particular care is taken to ensure  that seams , folds and edges have sufficient corrosion protection and paint processes, Low film thickness of paint to seam edges can lead to corrosion of this type

Corrosion beneath the paint

The effect seen here is the result of corrosion to the steel surface beneath the zinc coated steel

There is no external paint damage and the outer ring of blisters shows where the zinc metal is giving up electrons to protect the steel body and the central big blister shows  where zinc and steel are oxidising beneath the paint

This is sometimes known by manufacturers as Zinc inclusions

Perforation corrosion

The effect seen here is perforation corrosion which has started from the inside section of a seam , fold or box section and corroded through the metal structure, notice the neat hole through the metal and the blisters to the left , which if the paint were removed would show more corrosion holes to this folded section